What we do shapes the world

Our planet is changing everyday, and not always for the best. Every choice we make impacts everything around us. We have the power to make a difference with our choices. What we buy doesnt just disappear when we are done with it. There is waste left over that has to go somewhere, and recycling isnt always an answer. We can use our purchasing choices to not only care for our families and the planet, but to cast our vote with every company to let them know what kind of products we really want, and what will benefit this planet, our planet for the future! This blog is our familys journey to find products that are cost effective, cut down on our carbon emissions, are biodegradable and ecologically sustainable. Join us in our efforts to change the way we view being a consumer and help us change the world! Stay Green! "Columbia River, Kennewick, WA Photo by: Kendra Athearn-Bogaards
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